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08/27/2014 Rehab-At-Home Employee & Customer Relations


Kahoney Anderson
Employee & Customer Relations

Rehab-At-Home welcomes Kahoney Anderson, who joins us as our Employee & Customer Relations staff member. Kahoney comes to us with a healthcare background in Long Term Care and has, for the past 14 years, used her Masters in Social Work to comfort and try to improve the lives of the patients/families that she has encountered.

Part of her goal is to create and maintain relationships with our clients and to uphold our highest standards to ensure complete patient satisfaction. We wish Kahoney good luck in her new position.

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06/17/2014 A focus on speech


Joyce E. Johns, MS / CCC SLP
Clinical Specialist for Rhode Island

Therapy Resources Management, LLC is an excellent place to complete a clinical fellowship year for new graduates. There is not another rehabilitation company who provides as much support to speech language pathologists as TRM does. The Vice President of Clinical Compliance is a seasoned SLP of 20 years. There is a SLP Clinical Specialist in RI with 24 years experience and one in MA with 9 years experience.

We treat in medically complex settings (i.e. vent and track) as well as subacute and long term care facilities. Working with adults in these settings is a great learning environment and experience because we get to work with our patients from their evaluations and throughout their course of treatment, unlike working in a hospital or outpatient setting where you see a patient either at the beginning or end of the course of therapy.

In many facilities, there are more than one speech language pathologists. Speech therapy is valued at TRM and is integral and essential to the rehab team, not an "as needed" service like in many other rehab companies.

We provide ongoing in servicing and education so that we can deliver high quality therapy to our patients. Most of our Clinical Fellows stay after their CFY is completed as they love their jobs and feel valued.

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06/16/2014 Community Outreach

TRM has recently teamed up with the local Career Center here in Fall River. Our recruiter, Leslee Murphy has been going out weekly to host seminars on interviewing skills, what to do and what not to do in an interview.

We have been working hand in hand with the counselors there to offer tips to job seekers to enhance their resumees as well as their interview skills. These seminars are free. The feedback has been tremendous so far. Full house at last weeks seminar with 28 attendees!

In addition to the Career Center we have been working to schedule time with the Youth Connection, a division of the local Career Center, to prepare the young people for positions as they graduate from high school.

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02/25/2014 American Heart Health Awareness Month


February is American Heart Health Awareness Month! As part of our ongoing commitment to serve the communities we work and live in, Therapy Resources Management and Rehab-At-Home frequently provide education and wellness clinics to community members in various venues.

On February 25th, Jerry St.Jacques, MSPT, our Director of Education and Training, delivered a presentation to 40 community members in the Westborough, Massachusetts area on cardiac health and making heart healthy choices all year long.

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02/20/2014 Welcome to the new TRM website


Therapy Resources Management (TRM) is proud to introduce our new WEB page. New and updated contents, easy navigation, increased loading speed and useful links are only a few of the advantages we hope you will enjoy.

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